Our Accomplishments 

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Some of our Accomplishments are...

  • Repainting the School

  • Building a new Gard House

  • Sending covid-19 care packages for the students 

  • Providing fabric for uniforms

  • Sending art supplies for all grades levels

  • Installed Security Cameras

And the list goes on!

"Thank you Rosemount Alumni!!"


End of Year Review

We started the year with a lot of plans, but we did not plan for Covid-19. Some of the fundraisers  we had planned were, Karaoke, and Bingo. The School also had some cancellations, however the registration drive which we sponsored went ahead and was a success. For the first time in many years, the school registered over 100 students and every student registered received a set of uniform material. 

Aside from assisting with several school projects, we provided care packages for the families in need through UJAA and the Laco Chin Foundation. Two students received scholarships through our organization. And we built elevated platforms for the water tank at one of our Basic schools. 

This year we became a Non-for-Profit Organization. In addition we had a virtual concert as our fundraiser, and it was a great success. The proceeds from this event was used to install the security surveillance cameras around the school’s compound, and purchase laptops for the Rosemount School. What a year! We look forward to many more.

Rosemount Alumni Scholarship Awards

The Rosemount Alumni Association Scholarships were awarded to three of Rosemount's raising stars.The awards were presented to the student by board member Herman Williams. 

Scholar Award

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Interdisciplinary Award

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