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Rosemount Primary and Infant School

Be know by the good that you do

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School's Mission

Is to commit to ensuring that quality education takes place through relevant curriculum offerings and the development of proper values and attitudes which will enable the students to become positive contributors to society.


That one day this nation will be aware that the quality education delivered by this institution is a “Model of Excellence.”

History of the School

Rosemount All-Age, presently Rosemount Primary and Junior high School started in May of 1973. One Thousand two hundred and sixty-eight (1268) students were enrolled. The Principal Mr. Donald McNab, along with (27) teachers and vice principals, Mr. Horace Buchanan and Mrs. Louisa White welcomed the students and parents. The school is situated in Linstead, St. Catherine, and sits on 10 acres of land. As the years went by, the school’s population as well as infrastructure increased upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Education.

With the introduction of the New Secondary School Program, by the Ministry of Education during the period of 1980s, several Elementary and All-Age Schools were renamed Primary and Junior High Schools. Hence, Rosemount became a Junior High School in 1997 when it began accepting 12-year-old students, who did not get a place in schools through the Common Entrance and the GSAT Examinations.

Presently, all Primary and Junior High Schools are transitioning to Primary status and in some cases, an Infant Department may be attached. Rosemount Primary and Junior High School are slated to operate as a Primary and Infant School.

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Principal Malaika Sinclair-Bailey

Greetings my name is Malika Sinclair-Bailey Principal of Rosemount Primary and Infant School. I am indeed delighted to have been given the opportunity to serve in an institution that has been instrumental in harnessing and developing the most precious resources of this country – its people. Rosemount Primary and Junior High School have remained true to its core values, ensuring the holistic development of our students; thus, giving hope to their dreams and aspirations. Being cognizant of our achievements, the time has come for us to capitalize on renewal through a partnership with our alumni, teachers, parents, students, and friends.

May God’s guiding arm direct and protect all members of the Rosemount Primary and Junior High School’s family and all activities planned as we live our motto, “Be Known by The Good That You Do.”

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Chairman Courtney Golding

On behalf of the Board of Governors of the Rosemount Primary and Junior High School Principal and staff and the students and parents, I take it an esteemed privilege to offer our congratulation to you on your first Journal of activities for 2019. 

Your tremendous outpouring of love in its practical form, that of giving to your fellowmen has been demonstrated by your Association through your Alumni. 

The complete painting of the school is only the tip of the iceberg of your show of kindness to the school. 

On behalf of the Board, Principal and staff, students, and parents of the school, we say a heartfelt thanks. We continue to look forward to the partnership which is mutually beneficial to all concerned. 


Class of 2021



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